This is a post from Bruna’s old website, its best to hear about her in her own words.

Rider Name: Bruna Kajiyabruna kajiya
Nationality: Brazilian
Riding Style: Freestyle

Favourite Move
Powered back mobe

Worst Crash
In one of my first competitions I attempted to do a trick to close to the beach with on shore winds & crashed head first on the sand. I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance & had a neck brace for a week. That’s were I learned not to do tricks on shore wind with less then 3m from the beach

Never travel without
My laptop computer, I have my whole life on it . Once it was stolen – I had to manage without it for 10 days & I just couldn’t get my things organized!

Favorite spot in the world
North Brazil Cauipe & Paracuru. Bummer that these spots are getting way o crowded.

On my IPOD
I’m a music lover and every part of my day has a different theme, that’s why I have a little bit of everything on my Ipod. But artist for any time are John Meyer, Matt Costa and G Love.

Inspired by
I don’t have one person – I get inspired everyday by the people around me. Everyone has their unique thing that can inspire others.

Favourite Meal
I change that a lot but right now I’m into yogurt with bananas, strawberries, musli and honey.

Biggest challenge about going pro
Managing the pressure to perform and keeping your sponsors happy. You have to be careful not to have the fun in riding taken away by that.

1 piece of advise to other kiters
Always have fun on the water, no matter what the conditions are. Sometimes I’m having a hard day free-styling and I don’t enjoy it until I realize that the conditions are actually perfect for surfing or big air. I recommend to try to see all the opportunities kite offers you, being such a versatile sport

Goal for this year
Push girls riding to another level ,get the title as word champion and the most important…..enjoy it!

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Stay Ahead Of The Competition

With current stiff competition, nearly everyone has opted to jump onto the internet marketing bandwagon. This form of marketing is causing such a buzz and is gaining popularity all over the globe due to the overall effectiveness it has on any marketing strategy.

Marketing is paramount for the proliferation of any old or new product/service meant to be adopted by a certain audience. Unfortunately, conventional marketing has always attracted huge sums of cash needed for the budgeting and research of the market. The internet has fixed that, and with the help of a utah seo firm like ontra studios you can take advantage of that as well.

Fortunately, all this has significantly changed over the past years. This revolution owes its success to the developments in the internet. Below are a few advantages that you and your website stand to enjoy by effectively engaging in internet marketing:

By marketing your products over the internet, you will be doing so at a far much cheaper price as compared to traditional forms of marketing such as paper and electronic. You do not have to incur unnecessary housing, recruiting, stock or maintenance cost.

With this form of marketing, you will enjoy the convenience of carrying out your business even during those weekends and public holidays. This means that your business will run 24/7/365 with no more overtime costs.

Expansive And Extensive Outreach
This is another advantage of carrying out an online marketing campaign as compared to conventional forms of marketing. This is achievable as the internet allows you to reach potential clients from all corners of the world by a click of the mouse.  This eradicates the geographical boundaries.

Easy To Manage
With a bit of effort, you can easily set-up, run and manage your own internet marketing strategy. Necessary adjustments can be made from anywhere and at any time of the day or night. Moreover you can do this while on vacation rather than waste lots of time waiting for the changes to be implemented like in the old ways.

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Natural Beauty: The Healing Properties Of Calendula

Calendula is healing herb that is used widely in herbal medicine and in natural beauty products, most often to treat skin problems. Calendula (marigold) is soothing and healing, and it is especially good for dry or sensitive skin. It is even beneficial for babies’ skin.Calendula Salve

Natural Treatment for Eczema

Calendula creams and lotions can be used to treat many skin problems, including eczema and other types of skin rashes. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it will help to calm down irritated and inflamed skin. It soothes any irritation, but it is especially helpful when the skin is dry and sensitive. It is sometimes used for varicose veins, too.

Calendula salve is an excellent home remedy for dry skin. If your skin is sensitive, dry and irritated, or if you have dry patches of skin on your elbows or your knees, try calendula. It is also good for everyday skin care. Calendula moisturizers and lotions can be used to keep the skin smooth, and they are helpful if you are allergic to commercial skin care products or have generally sensitive skin. Calendula is very popular in hand creams for its healing, softening and moisturizing effects. It is a good ingredient in foot lotions, since it also has antifungal properties and can help to fight toenail fungus and other problems — while keeping the feet soft and preventing cracked heels.

Calendula for Babies and Children

Calendula is one of the most popular herbs in natural creams and lotions to treat nappy rash in babies. It can heal the rash and soothe the itching, and it will keep the baby’s skin soft and moisturized. Many breastfeeding mothers use calendula salve or cream to treat cracked and sore nipples. When calendula is used in a natural salve, it is gentle and safe even for children’s skin.

One of the ways that calendula salve is infused is by using a high quality olive oil for skin for several weeks. Be sure and look for a olive oil infused calendula salve before you buy.

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The Uses Of Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short term loan which is also referred to as a “swing loan”.  The purpose of this loan is to cover loan repayments while the borrower is searching for permanent financing.  Once the finance is obtained, it will be used to pay off the bridge loan.

Due to the short term nature of these loans, bridge loans have higher interest rates than regular loans.  Some lenders will also use more than one asset as security in order to minimize their risk.  The biggest benefits of these loans is that they have an easy and quick application process.

Real estate investors frequently use bridge loans to take advantage of short-term opportunities and foreclosures.  When the investor sells or refinances the property, they usually pay the loan back.

The best bridge loans from Funding Database have some similarities to hard money loans.  Both these loan types are non-traditional and are used for unusual circumstances.  The biggest difference is that the term “hard money” refers to the source of the loan.  The name bridge loan references the term of the loan.

As a bridge loan is very risky and has a minimal application process, they do not meet bank lending criteria.  Because banks would have difficulty justifying these loans to investors, they do not offer them to their customers.  As a result, most borrowers will need to approach businesses, individuals and investment pools if they want a bridge loan.

Getting a bridge loan is an excellent solution for people who cannot secure permanent finance immediately.  Those who will benefit the most from this type of lending are real estate investors, businesses and venture capitalists.  This loan can also be used by distressed companies looking for new buyers or investors.  Borrowers who are unfamiliar with bridge lending should speak to a financial consultant before applying for a loan.

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